About us

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Commitment to Customers

Amalgamet Ltd is dedicated to providing exceptional service to its customers, even during times of market instability. We work closely with our customers, offering tailored solutions, expert advice and transparent communication to build lasting relationships based on trust. Our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs is unwavering and we pride ourselves on providing reliable, efficient and high-quality service, no matter what challenges the world faces.


Amalgamet Ltd is one of AMC Groups’ core businesses and represents the physical trading arm of non-ferrous metals. The Group grew to have a global presence in metal trading by expanding into new markets, developing new technologies and maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

The Group has focused its post-war period in diversifying operations to include recycling of metals, production, smelting and establishing joint ventures with leading companies in the industry.

Throughout the 20th century, we have maintained our reputation as a leader in the global metals market. In the 21st century, AMC has continued to evolve, responding to changing market conditions and embracing new technologies.