Base Metals


Tin has been referred to as the ‘spice element’ as a little is used in a wide variety of products essential to our everyday lives. Tin is a relatively soft, malleable and ductile metal with a low toxicity level and a high resistance to corrosion. It has a wide range of technical properties and therefore has an important role in the solder, Tin plate, Tin chemical, battery and Copper alloy industries. The future looks bright for Tin, with significant opportunities emerging in the energy and electronic sectors.

  • LME Registered Tin Ingots
  • Non-LME Registered Tin Ingots
  • Tin Ores and Concentrates
  • Tin Products and Intermediates
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Physical properties such as high ductile strength, corrosion resistance and conductivity make Copper suitable for various applications. Copper Cathodes are used in the production of Copper rods which are further processed into wires, cables and transformers. They are also an important feed for the manufacturing of Copper tubes, alloys and sheets.

  • LME Registered Grade A Copper Cathode 
  • Non-LME Registered Grade A Copper Cathode 
  • Off-grade Copper Cathode
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Lead is a soft and ductile metal used for its corrosion resistance. Some of the most important applications of Lead ingots include batteries, pigments, ammunitions, pipes, roofing sheets and cable and radiation shielding. It is also widely used as an alloying element to other metals. 

  • LME and Non LME Registered Lead, 99.97 % min
  • LME and Non LME Registered Lead, 99.985 % min
  • Remelted Lead ingots/sows
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metal ingots in a warehouse

Primary Aluminium

Primary Aluminium ingots are used in various sectors as a raw material for production of Aluminium billets, slabs and rolled products etc. Amalgamet Ltd trades the following grades: 

  • P1020 (99.7% min Al) Ingots – 0.10% max Si, 0.20% max Fe
  • P0610 (99.85% min Al) Ingots – 0.06% max Si, 0.10% max Fe
  • P0406 (99.85% Min Al) Ingots – 0.04% max Si, 0.06% max Fe
  • Off-grade P1020
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Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium Alloy is widely used in the production of light-weight components and corrosion-resistant metal parts for the automotive and aerospace industries. The main Aluminium Alloy die casting ingot grades that we are able to offer are as follows:

  • DIN 226 – AlSi9Cu3 – EN AB-46000
  • Remelted Secondary Ingots/Sows
  • ADC12
  • A380.1
  • AV87
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Nickel is a silvery-white, hard and ductile metal used in various industrial and consumer products including stainless steel, magnets, coins and batteries. The majority of Nickel metal is found in stainless steel for the production of corrosion resistant steel products, EV batteries, electroplating, alloys and others.

  • LME Registered Nickel Briquettes, 99.8 % min
  • Non-LME Registered Nickel Briquettes, 99.5 % min
  • LME Registered Nickel Cathodes 99.9% Min Full plate/4×4
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Zinc is a blue-grey metal predominantly used in the galvanizing industry as a coating agent protecting steel and iron products from corrosion. Zinc also finds application in the manufacturing of Brass and Zinc alloys.  It is especially useful in die casting and spin casting in the automotive, electrical and hardware industries.

  • LME REGISTERED SHG 99.995 Zinc Ingots
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