Minor Metals


Antimony is listed as a Critical Mineral by several jurisdictions across the world (Europe, America, Australia and Japan) due to the global supply dependence on China. As consumption gradually increases, the continual use of Antimony in batteries, defence and flame retardants will bolster demand and ensure the development of new projects.

  • Antimony Ingots (Off-grade, High Pb, Grade II and Trioxide Grade)
  • Antimony Ore / Stibnite / Concentrates
  • Antimony-Gold Ore/Concentrates
  • Antimony Powders
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As one of the hardest and most dense metals on the planet, Tungsten plays a key role in applications such as, aerospace, defence, drilling, cutting and alloying. 

  • Tungsten Ore (Wolframite / Scheelite)
  • Tungsten Concentrate
  • Tungsten Intermediates such as BTO, YTO and APT
  • Ferro-Tungsten
  • Tungsten Waste/Scrap (such as spent catalysts)
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Most commonly used in alloying, it provides malleability to steel and other metal alloys.

  • Molybdenum Ore
  • Molybdenum Concentrate
  • Roasted Molybdenum Concentrate
  • Ferro-Molybdenum
  • Molybdenum Spent Catalysts
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Silicon is one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust. However, it has a very high melting point, making it difficult to refine and extract. Industries that use Silicon include refractories, silicones, chemicals, alloying, solar panels and semiconductors.

  • Silicon Metal Lumps (Off-grade, 553, 441, 3303, 2202)
  • Special grades (e.g. 1101, 3302, 4403, 5503)
  • Silicon Metal Powders
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