From its early days as a founder member of the LME, the AMC Group has also been involved in the trading of physical metal. Amalgamet is headquartered in London and operates from multiple locations around the globe through local offices and agents. Our expertise is in facilitating trade by offering the following services:

Trading / Marketing

It requires a reliable yet flexible partner to prosper in the rapidly evolving global marketplace. AMC Metal Trading have over five decades of experience in offering tailor-made solutions to both producers and consumers, and ensuring the satisfaction of all of our customers. We thrive on a strong local presence in our major markets and have extensive and well developed relationships within the metal related industries.



We currently represent various producers worldwide on an agency basis.



The AMC Group benefits from an in-house LME brokerage, AMT, a category one ring dealing member. We are able to offer a variety of pricing mechanisms to suit your requirements.


Market Insight

Our core business is understanding markets and every detail of the products we trade. We are constantly tracking and analysing major trends and the factors that drive them, benefiting from our global reach and extensive information flows.



We have significant logistical expertise and can rapidly move commodities around the globe in a reliable and efficient manner, be it by road, rail, sea or air. We benefit from long standing relationships with warehouses in all of the major hubs for trade.



As part of the AMC Group we are able to offer competitive credit terms.